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Frequently Asked Questions

Continuous consumption of electric power is necessary for healthy and efficient operation of the system. The cogeneration system runs by recovering the waste heat that is generated while producing electric power for the system. In case of non-continuous and sudden and uncertain consumption of electric power, the cogeneration system may not be able to generate the necessary heat energy for you.
You can get the heat energy in several forms from the system. Based on the requirements, it is possible to get the heat energy in the form of hot water, vapour and hot oil. What is important is the design of the heat recovery equipment that will generate the heat energy required by the system.
Basically, generation of electric power next to the place in need/ operation building is a production system more cost-efficient than purchasing electric power from the existing conventional systems. Generation of electric power independently of line losses and additional taxes will help you reduce your electric costs. On the other side, hot water or vapour energy to be generated will enable less operation of your existing heating systems and hence decrease your heating costs. The cooling energy that will be obtained by the absorption chillers used will contribute to the current cooling systems and help you get lower cooling costs.
It is necessary to have gas with the properties suitable for combustion by the internal-combustion gas engines used in the system. The engine type to be used is defined according to the calorific values of gas that will be used as fuel. Also, all harmful constituents that are contained in gas and have the potential to damage the engine components must definitely be cleared in the fuel. Otherwise, your gas engine may get damaged and non-operational and cause halt of your system.
The electric and heating costs of the existing system are reviewed at the project-designing stage before installation of the system. It is determined whether the system is beneficial according to the feasibility report to be issued taking into account the period during which the system will operate yearly. The return time of investment is an important criterion for selection in beneficial systems.
Gas engines are suddenly affected by the change of ratios of ingredients contained in the operating gas. The relative humidity and ambient temperature are necessarily followed. On the other side, the sudden loading ratios of gas engines are lower than that of diesel engines because the calorific values of gas are lower than diesel oil and gas engines have different design criteria.
Each gas engine has the parts required to be replaced, based on the operating hours. Also, the oil contained in the system must constantly be controlled and replenished when it gets lesser. If the oil loses its characteristics, it must be replaced immediately. The cooling towers and absorption chillers used must be periodically controlled.
As it is known, the systems are constantly operated. Even if the system can be operated without the staff’s intervention thanks to the automatic control equipment, the operating staff is necessary for the electric and mechanic controls to be performed at certain intervals.